Original Love: The 4 Zones of Meditation


The 4 Zones of Meditation

Join Mediation Teacher, Henry Shukman, as he introduces the four zones of meditation practice from the Original Love program:

– Mindfulness and Self-love

– Support and Trust

– Flow States and Samadhi

– Awakening

A Year of Mindfulness, Meditation and Community with Original Love

Original Love is a new approach to the ancient path of meditation.

Join us for the one year program, or any of our individual courses, and take a continuous journey of healing, growth and awakening. Henry Shukman, meditation teacher and Original Love founder, will guide you through the program based on trainings that cultivate increased self-love, care for others and this world, and opening to nondual awakening.

Please contact Jeremy, the Original Love Program Manager, at any time if you have any questions about our courses and programs: