2 Hour q&A with Henry

April 17th, 2022   10am-12pm MT

Henry will be responding live to questions from our real-life practice. Each Q&A session is a unique expression of the group and the moment that brings us together.

They are a special opportunity to receive teachings on the wide range of topics raised by our diverse community of practitioners, including you!

No matter whether our questions arise from years of sitting or a matter of days,

whether they’re brand new or old familiar haunts,

specific or broad, mundane or spectacular…

Sometimes just the act of asking the question offers its own support.

Sometimes hearing the question from a fellow practitioner helps us recognize that question in ourselves.  

Even when we’ve heard the question a thousand times, sometimes, this time, the answer reveals something new.

Wherever we are in our journey, a bit of informed affirmation can open us up to what our practice is offering.

Please join us for a morning of learning and support.