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Sunday February 26th
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Dear friends,

Some words on the vision and purpose of the Original Love program.

100 million people or more now practice meditation in the US alone. It’s become mainstream, and nearly all of it is about mindfulness for mental health benefits, whether remedial and therapeutic, for improved performance. All of that is fantastic – the widespread healing and tending of the human nervous system is good for the world.

At the same time, it’s worth sounding a reminder that that’s only one part of the possibilities of meditation. In the Original Love program, we work both with the mindfulness side, but we also have more. What that more is about, is coming to find a much deeper sense of purpose — a deeper, broader, happier vision of what our life really is, and in some sense what it’s for. And not just our life, but the lives of all beings. And even the existence of things.

We can come to have glimpses of a much wider belonging in a greater purpose, a greater whole, to which we belong. We can find this through meditation. And it has huge implications for how we live, how we feel about life and the other people and beings we live with. That’s the great vision we’re hoping to share through the Original Love program. A kind approach to meditation, that meets us where we are, with the capacity both to heal and awaken us.  

Original Love gets its name from what Zen calls “Original Nature” – a boundless reality just just underneath, behind, within all things, and always present, always showing up as whatever we’re experiencing here and now. One of its aspects is a great benevolence, a great kindness. Our path can help us uncover that love ever more clearly, both for ourselves, and more and more, to share in the world.

I’m looking forward very much to sharing more of this in our webinar on Sunday February 26, at 10am MT. This gathering will be above all an opportunity to practice together. There’ll be a little teaching, some brief information sharing, and mostly a chance to sit together and explore a taste of different ways original love can show up in our lives – and in our meditation. We’ll be done in under an hour, and I very much hope you can join us.

For those of you who’d like to ask any questions about our upcoming programs, Sarah and Jeremy will be staying on after the webinar.

With gratitude and love,

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A Taste of Original Love

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“Somewhere in the stillness, we may sense a kind of clarity, a purity, a simplicity of being. This moment contains a simplicity of being. Every moment does – waiting to be recognized. It has a sense of blessing in it, a blessedness, this simplicity. We don’t have to do much to find it. We have to in a sense just stop doing, just for a moment, and it shows itself.”

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