Trying to meditate,
but finding it hard to settle?

Introduction to the 4 zones of meditation:

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My desire with the Original Love meditation program is to help people access the deep wisdom and healing power of meditation – and the love for self and others that results from a successful meditation practice.

I produced this video about the 4 zones of meditation to introduce you to the foundations of a thriving and successful meditation practice.

Henry discusses the Tools of Awakening webinar

You’re in the right place if…

  • You know that your meditation practice could go much further and deeper
  • You want direct guidance from a teacher with decades of training and experience
  • You want to increase your ability to experience love for yourself and others
  • You’re interested in this human potential called “spiritual awakening”

Why is meditation so important?

When practiced over time, and with good training and support, meditation has profound benefits:
  • Open up more self-love
  • Open our heart to others
  • Help transform and heal difficult emotions and trauma
  • Be more present and alive in every moment
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Relax mind and body
  • Lessen feelings of worry, regret, anger and irritation
  • Improve decision making and executive functioning
  • Quickly notice when thoughts and emotions take you away from the present

I feel like Henry is one of the best teachers out there. He has the goods and he delivers the goods. Henry is comforting, relevant, and interesting. I like the way that he is casual and down to earth while simultaneously teaching some pretty important things for personal well-being, happiness, and true peace. Henry’s teachings are pure, refined by the heart of his understanding and deep experience. It makes a difference when these teachings are shared by someone whose actions come from their true heart.