WEDNESDAY February 9th

With the start of our first course of the year in the Original Love program coming up right around the corner (starts Feb 13!), I thought it would be nice to set aside an evening to meet with you and give you a taste of the components it has to offer.

This first course is on Zone 1 of the Original Love program, Mindfulness, Self-Love, and Awakening, and its intention is to help you build the foundations of a deep, balanced and enjoyable path of meditation.

So we’re going to gather for a short session in which you can experience the ease and natural being that we will be learning to rest in, as a way of finding deeper self-acceptance, fulfillment and joy, through meditation.

I’ll lead some practice, and then happily answer any questions you might have about the Original Love program. You can ask me anything – from logistical issues, to deep questions about what will be included in the curriculum, and the purpose of meditation.

We’ll cover both the upcoming 6-week course, and also any questions about the Year Long Program.

This free webinar will be Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 starting at 6:30pm MST (GMT-7). We’ll be together for about 45 minutes.

You can register below, and you’ll receive a zoom link to use on Wednesday evening.

I look forward to seeing you there.

– Henry

    A transformation in my relationship to meditation from ‘I should sit today’ to ‘I get to sit today!’ After many years of sitting fairly regularly but not daily, I’m happy to report that I’ve meditated every day since the course began. In general, I feel both more grounded and buoyant, held and free.

    Henry is by far the best meditation teacher I’ve found.

    This course provided an extremely helpful orientation to meditation. The conceptual framework helped ease me into practice. I feel like I now know why a regular meditation practice is good. I’m inspired to make it a routine. The guided meditations were wonderful. I feel more capable now of guiding myself.