Clouds, Rivers, Lakes and Sea

Weekend Workshop with Henry Shukman


May 27 – 28, 2023
Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am – 3pm MT

(Workshop is Online Only. All sessions are recorded if you’re not able to attend live.)

“During meditation, all kinds of difficult feelings come up: restlessness, anxiety, reluctance, fear, irritation, doubt… what are known as the hindrances. All of these would seem like negatives, but I believe they’re doorways, gateways…”

– Henry Shukman


We're excited to share a new 15-minute guided meditation on sitting with challenging conditions of the mind and heart that Henry has created.

The early Buddhist tradition identifies several states that tend to make it difficult to meditate. But these can be transformed into opportunities for growth. They can come to nourish our practice.

Discover how to transform challenges in meditation in ways that help to break old patterns. Learn to practice acceptance, welcoming, and self-love, by mindfully tending to disruptive thoughts and emotions. By inviting vulnerability, by letting ourselves be the way we are, and even loving the way we are, we can expand our self-acceptance, our self-understanding, and our capacity for love, peace and wonder.

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Henry Shukman

Clouds, Rivers, Lakes and Sea Weekend Workshop

(Please note, this workshop is designed for all levels. We invite you to dive in, whether you’re new to meditation, or many decades down the path…)

Here we will explore how our heartaches and heartbreaks can be turned into nourishment for our practice and life, in a way that opens us to new loving perspectives.

We learn to:

  • be mindfully, patiently aware of difficult emotions
  • open to a vulnerability that helps us find an intrinsic support
  • find expansive awareness that can embrace our pain
  • experience tastes of the boundlessness in which experience arises

As we explore this territory of the heart by moving through all four of the Original Love perspectives (Mindfulness, Samadhi, Support, and Awakening), we shift away from self-defensive reactivity toward open-hearted compassionate engagement.

As much as meditation is about developing and uncovering positive states of mind, a critical part of practice is learning to be with challenging emotions. Actually the deepest value of our personal practice  may found in coming to terms with all aspects of our psyches, including ones we “don’t like,” and finding the healing power of a radical allowing. This turns our negative feelings and mind-states into gateways to ease and expansiveness.

We hope you’ll join us!


Questions about the workshop? Please feel free to email Jeremy, the Original Love Program Manager.

Workshop information


Saturday and Sunday May 27 – 28, 9:30 am – 3pm MT

For those of you in different time zones, or who can’t make the scheduled meeting times – all workshop sessions will be recorded, and you will have access to recordings within 10 days.

Original Love is 100% online, there are no in-person events scheduled this year as of yet.

Workshop components:

The workshop consists of live sessions with Henry include guided meditations, talks and Q&A. There will also be short segments of movement and breathing instruction with guest instructors Sarah Gustafson and Luke Wientzen (see below for bios!).


Weekend Workshop: $195

We have a limited number of scholarships available. We don’t want anybody not to be able to take the program because of financial need. If you need financial assistance, please contact Jeremy, the Original Love Program Manager.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy. We’re happy to answer any questions and look forward to having you join us!

Our Guest Instructors

A senior Prajna Yoga teacher, Sarah Gustafson teaches movement and meditation to adults and children from her home in Los Alamos, New Mexico. When she’s not on the mat, she’s probably outside growing food and flowers, hiking, rock climbing, or traveling by camper van to visit far-flung children with her husband and dogs. She is a mentor for the 2023 Original Love Mindfulness Facilitator Training Program. During the weekend workshop, Sarah’s morning movement sessions will consist primarily of SATYA, a somatic practice that builds mindfulness and interoception, opens joint spaces and myofascial sheaths, and increases circulation through breath-based movement done out of gravity.

Luke Wientzen shares breathing practices and perspectives which converge the scientific and spiritual. For nearly two decades he has trained in a broad range of breath techniques, from yoga pranayama to modern breathwork to therapeutic forms of breathing patterns. His unique and effective breath instruction is the integrated result of his own direct experiences, ongoing study, and curious contagious enthusiasm.  Through breath, Luke shares a human-centric and heart-centered approach which benefits mental, physical, emotional and energetic purposes.  He is a co-founder of Our Breath Collective, an online and in-personal breath education platform based in San Diego, CA, and an Original Love Mindfulness Facilitator. He lives in Encinitas, CA, where he sits, surfs, smiles and loves his dog.