breath, body, bones: portals to the experience of support & trust

Breath, Body and Bones.

These foundational building blocks of our human experience are actually profound portals. Through breathwork and conscious movement practices like yoga and qigong, we can access greater levels of Support and Trust.

How does this work exactly?

As humans have come to realize for thousands of years now, Breath, Body and Bones can serve as portals to present-moment awareness. By aligning the breath with each movement, we can open a gateway to… now.

Conscious breath and movement help us relax and calm frayed nervous systems. These practices can also prepare our bodies to get the most out of our meditation practice.

Opening the joints, fascia and subtle spaces of the body can lead us to the vibrance, radiance and well-being inherent in this very moment, just as we are. Our Breath, Body and Bones can help us access this embodied well-being, which can be such a powerful form of Support in our lives.

We are thrilled to offer a 5 sessions series called, you guessed it, “Breath, Body and Bones: Portals to the Experience of Support and Trust,” starting this coming Sunday!

Join us online for this 5 class series on Sundays (May 8 – June 5) from 9-9:50am MT.

The classes will be recorded if you can’t make them live, and please feel free to join in the middle of the series (you’ll get immediate access to the classes already recorded).

This series is separate from our Original Love 6-week course, and is open to everyone.

See below for the registration form, and the bios of our three wonderful movement teachers!

Luke Wientzen will lead a 50 mins practice which incorporates breathing techniques into various types of subtle but powerful movements, ranging from variations of yoga asana postures, qi gong & other martial art forms, & subtle body practices. These practice periods will differ slightly from week to week, & modifications will be offered. A yoga mat or sticky/non-slippery surface is recommended. This time period is intended to help open and benefit the body for sustained periods of zazen, with greater connection to both body and breath. Luke will lead classes 1, 2, & 3.

A senior Prajna Yoga teacher, Sarah Gustafson teaches yoga and meditation to adults and children from her home in Los Alamos, New Mexico. When she’s not on the mat, she’s probably outside growing food and flowers, hiking, or rock climbing with her husband and dogs. Sarah’s class will consist primarily of SATYA, a somatic practice that builds mindfulness, opens joint spaces and myofascial sheaths, and increases circulation through breath-based movement done out of gravity. We’ll be sliding, gliding, undulating, and unwinding, so please wear comfy clothes and have a clear floor space, preferably with a yoga mat covered by a blanket to facilitate rolling around on the floor. Sarah will lead class 4.

Shana Smith is a 500 RYT yoga teacher, senior Zen student, writer, and singer/songwriter. She and her husband Dan own and operate the Gainesville Retreat Center in Gainesville, Florida, a meditation and yoga center which is also the home of Florida Sanbo Zen.

Her class will incorporate all-levels yoga with QiGong and present-moment awareness, and emphasize aligning the breath with each movement. Please wear comfy clothes and, if possible, have a sturdy chair, pillow or yoga block, strap or long scarf, and other support items nearby as needed.

Shana will lead class 5.