2023 Program

Starts March 5

Original Love Mindfulness Facilitator Training

Original Love is a new approach to the ancient path of meditation.

Join us for the 1-year Mindfulness Facilitator Training and Certification Program. By taking the course, a practitioner will acquire the skills and competencies needed to facilitate meditation practice for individuals and small groups, following the Original Love methods of mindfulness.

Henry Shukman, Zen Master in the Sanbo Zen lineage, mindfulness teacher and Original Love founder, will guide you through the program based on trainings that cultivate increased self-love, care for others and this world, and opening to nondual awakening.

Henry Shukman - Original Love Meditation

What the Mindfulness Facilitator Training program includes:

1-year Access

Bi-monthly Classes with Henry

Small Group Mentorship Sessions

5-Day Retreat

Access to Full Original Love Program


Meditation Theory and Practice

  • 4 Original Love Course Sessions
  • 1 Daylong Workshop

Developing Facilitation Competencies

  • 1 Master Class with Henry on Mindfulness Facilitation Skills and Competencies
  • Small-Group Mentorship Sessions
  • Peer Practice Groups

*Included in the program is an online 5-day Meditation Retreat with Mountain Cloud Zen Center from September 14-18 (a 4 day retreat, plus a day of learning integration with your Facilitation Training cohort).

Attend Courses live online or access recordings to fit your schedule.


Course 1: Royal Road of Breath Awareness
Explore and deepen our experience of the breath including how to rest in mindfulness of breath; taste the support of breath more intimately; find flow and more

Course 2: Clouds, Rivers, Lakes and Sea
How our heartaches and heartbreaks can offer a rain that nourishes our practice and life, and that opens us to new loving perspectives.

Course 3: In the Midst of All Things
Start to rest into being held by all experience, then into becoming absorbed in it, and finally dissolving into a selfless space in which all things are present.

Course 4: Presence: the Heart of Stillness
Open to a sense of presence and to rest in it. This presence helps us to be aware of sense-experience here and now and relieves us of the burden of effort in meditation.

Course 5: One Bright Pearl
Sit directly with the wisdom of Zen, in which all four dimensions of the Original Love program are manifest.

More about Henry Shukman

“Our basic nature is loving. It’s tender. When we awaken, we are coming back to this original loving nature.”

Henry is a teacher in the Sanbo Zen lineage and has trained in various other meditation schools and practices. After a spontaneous spiritual awakening at the age of 19, he embarked on a journey of healing and deeper awakening, guided by John Gaynor, Joan Rieck, Ruben Habito, and Yamada Roshi, international abbot of Sanbo Zen, who appointed him a Zen teacher

Henry has taught meditation at Google, Harvard Business School, UBS, Esalen Institute, and many other venues. Henry is the spiritual director of the Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico and author of One Blade of Grass: Finding the Old Road of the Heart, A Zen Memoir.

Henry Has Been Featured In:

What people are saying about Original Love:

“I felt as if the year long program was laid out beautifully, like stepping stones across a pond. Original Love is not only the name of this program, but it is what you will come to know intimately if you participate.”

- CH in Minnesota

“My life is infinitely richer from this year long course. It’s as if I have come back to myself, my home within. With each course, I felt that I always had an opening, and deepened my clarity and ease. Henry always touches on my present moment awareness and reminds me of our greater consciousness, our connectedness..”

- LC in Texas

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Facilitator Training Program



  • 1-Year Access
  • Bi-monthly Classes with Henry
  • Small Group Mentorship Sessions
  • Peer-led Practice Sessions
  • 5-day Retreat
  • Access to Full Original Love Program

*Pay one-time fee now or $300 in monthly installments ($3,600)

“Keep sitting. Don’t let up. This is the deepest work. And let’s open our hearts to how we express what we find in our sitting in more and more helpful ways.”

– Henry Shukman, Sanbo Zen Master

More about Original Love

Original Love is a new approach to the ancient path of meditation. It is a broad meditation training based primarily on traditional teachings of Zen and Early Buddhism.

Through finding the intrinsic lovingness, energy, peace and joy that are always already within us, even if they sometimes feel hidden, we can grow as more clear-sighted and open-hearted beings. Gradually, and sometimes suddenly, through shared practice, we start to catch glimpses of the “original love” that is always here.

While this program can serve for many as a complete training in itself, it can also serve as an on-ramp for Zen koan training.